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6 Cooling Foods That You Should Include In Your Weight Loss Diet

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6 Cooling Foods That You Should Include In Your Weight Loss Diet

The summers are here and how; as the country grapples with the intense heatwave, the experts are predicting that things may get worse in coming days. The temperatures may continue to soar, and we must take all precautions that we can to cope with the sweltering heat. Your weight loss diet could also play an instrumental role in providing some respite. As you must have figured, this is not really an ideal time to gorge on fiery hot and spicy food, but turning towards something cooling and comforting. Your tummy needs soothing foods and the season is abound with it.

Coconut water is one of the most beloved summer drinks

Here are six cooling foods that could be your best diet-friendly companions in this scorching weather:

  1. Coconut Water: Nothing complements the blazing heat as the glass full of coconut water. The rejuvenating drink is filled with electrolytes. The miracle potion helps keep you hydrated and energised. It also contains a wealth of antioxidants.
  2. Mint: Mint (or pudina) is a summer staple that is used in a gamut of our daily preparations. The refreshing herb has immunity boosting power; it is effective in boosting digestion and can help give you a minty cool breath.
  3. Sabja: Sabja seeds (or basil seeds) have a distinct fragrant quality, which is why it is added to desserts and drinks. It also comes with a  range of health benefiting properties, according to Bangalore-based Nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, “Sabja seeds are rich in antioxidants, help in controlling diabetes and are also good for your skin.”
  4. Cucumber: Cooling and crunchy, cucumber is one of our most favourite summer foods. You can use it in salads, juices, detox drinks, raita and more. Replete with antioxidants and minerals, about 95 percent of cucumber is just water. Hundred grams of cucumber contains only 16 calories, which makes it an excellent choice for dieters.
  5. Curd: Curd is again loaded with properties that could help boost digestion. Super light on tummy curd is also a store-house of good bacteria that could help improve your gut health.
  6. Watermelon: Sweet and oh-so-delectable, watermelon is all water and nutrients. If you are craving something sweet and are refraining from sugar- you could have some chilled watermelon and satiate your cravings without much guilt.
Sabja seeds are also replete with antioxidants

Other than these foods, Indian gourd vegetables like lauki, karela, tori are also renowned for their cooling properties, you  can try adding these to your diet as well.

source: ndtv

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