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Want to lose weight? This is the best time to excercise and get better results

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Exercise at an appropriate time! It will give you better results

Enough of searching the right time for the exercise? Here I am to report you and help you with the proper exercise schedule. First of all, let me tell you consistency is necessary if you are willing to say see results to the time. After that, the right time increases the impact of workout which leads to efficient outcomes.

However, if you are not motivated enough for sweating out in a gym, then the wrong timings can be the possible reason behind it. Just like this, some people like to work out at night, and some people like to exercise in the early morning. As in the evening the workouts maybe you are energetic but because of the energy loss during the exercise, the night diet tends to increases, which ultimately leads to the enhanced calorie intake.

Though there is no specific time which we can say that this is the right time or this is the wrong time, but it is not necessary that our mind and body both get prepared at the same time. Sometimes we lack energy, and our body does not support us for the heavy workout sessions, and sometimes our mind is not motivated and alerts much to pay necessary attention to the gym.

Meanwhile, the best results of fitness schedule come out when we are in the full mood of working out mentally and physically. Ben Bulach, a training specialist from fitness app Freeletics, suggests that morning is the best time to work out. He says that a few people face problems in an adequate sleep as they cannot relax appropriately because of the adrenalin level is high after the workout session, and the mind remains active.

Also, there is no specified of workout timings as scientifically proven timings are not available. What kind of exercises you are performing that is important. For example- if you are doing weightlifting exercise then your mind will be filled up with lots of energy, and you will not get regular sleep which can cost you the messed up schedule of next day. Whereas if you are doing cardio which burns a lot of calories, then you will get the best sleep because of the tired body and energyless brain. Make sure you do not feed yourself a major portion of calories in dinner.

Ben Bulach recommends the morning time for working out because of two reasons. First, no one disturbs you and second, our willpower is robust in the morning. There are many benefits of working out in the morning. Though the gyms are less occupied in the early morning so you can use machines and weights without waiting for your turn. It saves your extra time too by reduced wait for exercise turns. Along with this, you can also enjoy your social life if you switch to morning workout routine and you will stay more consistent too. Because if there is a necessary event in an evening which you have to attend, then there are chances you may skip gym session.

Therefore, finishing the exercise in the morning not only gives the free time after work but also ends the unavoidable reason for skipping the gym. There is a suggestion that if your body does not support you in working out on an empty stomach then stick to the evening routine. As you may feel weakness after working out without eating. As on empty stomach, we lack energy, and if we exercise which consumes remaining energy, then we just get exhausted for the day.

So in case, morning exercise does not go well with your schedule then you can go for evening session too. Meantime, the hormone level in many people peaks around 6 pm. Therefore, working out three hours before or after just increases the impact of the exercise, especially in building muscles. In evening or night workout, you just need to check the diet you are consuming for dinner. As night session can also be impactful with precise diet.

For weight loss, the regulation of diet and exercise is very important. You should not eat excessive while you are on fix workout plan. Especially for burning calories, include some of the exercises which leave your heart beat too fast because as fast as your heart will beat, more calories you will burn. Meanwhile, you can burn more calories during the whole day if you exercise in the morning as it will kick-start the metabolism.

It is not necessary to follow a specific time for working out. You can set the routine as per your preference as science has not given any proven time. But one thing which matters is the consistency. If you are determined to lose weight, then all you need is to be consistent with your diet and workout routine. Both aspects are important for weight loss and even for staying fit. So just remain steady with your fitness regime for a noticable difference.

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