High-Protein Diet: Here's How You Can Make Omelette In A Mug (Recipe Inside)

Just like other essential nutrients, protein is an imperative nutrient that our body needs to function. It acts like the building block of the body and subsequently, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Adding foods to diet that are rich in protein has a number of health benefits, including building and repair of muscles, weight management, diabetes management, etc. This is why many health experts and nutritionists suggest adding protein-rich foods to our everyday diet. Even athletes and body-builders require an abundance of protein in their diets; this is because proteins help replenish and fuel the body. High protein breakfast also helps fill you up, that prevents you from bingeing.

Protein-Rich Breakfast

For people who are trying to lose some weight or are on a special weight loss diet, their dilemma of what foods to add and what not to add always prevails. Here, we help you with a great recipe of a weight-loss-friendly breakfast dish made with eggs, omelette in a mug! Yes, we are serious! As interesting as it sounds, this omelette recipe is actually cooked in a mug and takes not more than 10 minutes to cook. Omelette has been a quintessential breakfast dish from time immemorial. A legendary breakfast recipe for those hectic mornings when we are pressed for time, omelettes always come to the rescue. Recipe shared by Aashna Ahuja, omelette in a mug requires no stove, no pan and no spatula to cook omelette, hence, making this omelette is even easier. Here’s how you can make omelette in a mug at home.

omelette mug 625

High Protein Breakfast Option: This omelette recipe is actually cooked in a mug and takes not more than 10 minutes to cook.

Eggs Nutrition

Eggs are rich in protein. There have been many controversies around eggs being unhealthy and unfit for consumption. But most health experts and nutritionists back thehealth benefits of eggs and recommend including eggs in our daily diet. Having 3-4 eggs in a week is the ideal proportion of consuming eggs, as per consultant nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta. Egg white contains 90% water and 10% pure protein like albumin, mucoproteins and globulins, as per the United States Department of Agriculture. A whole egg (50 grams) has 6.64 grams of protein, 4.57 grams of fat, and 67.39 calories, as per the USDA. Other than that, consuming egg whites add potassium, magnesium and sodium to our diet, while having yolk gives vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

So, now you know that eggs are a healthy food choice. Try this easy omelette in a mug recipe and have healthy and nutritious breakfast at home.