The concept of beauty sleep isn’t a myth. Science tells us that good sleep is essential for repairing, regenerating and restructuring the skin. “It’s the foundation on which to build and maintain health, well-being and the best long-term way of guarding against stress and age-related diseases,” advises co-founder of Cult Beauty, Alexia Inge. Mintel’s Sleep Aids UK 2017 Report also reveals that 50 percent of us Brits struggle to sleep.

The minimum sleep time recommended for adults is seven hours, but only 32 percent of adults achieve this or over eight hours sleep a night (the optimum sleeping time). The correlation between  good skin and sleep is ever-growing, and has driven many brands to develop products that work best when you are sleeping or are enhanced by a good night’s sleep. It is proven that the cell rejuvenation process takes place when your body is resting, suggesting that your skin.