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Add Herbs and Spices to Your Veggies If You Don’t Like Eating Them

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Add Herbs and Spices to Your Veggies If You Don't Like Eating Them

Experts at the University of Illinois conducted an interesting experiment in a café setting with close to 500 people. The study aimed to understand eating preferences in an average American adult with respect to vegetables. Every customer was offered a free portion of steamed vegetable along with their order. It was found that those who ate veggies regularly preferred them unseasoned over those who didn’t eat vegetables regularly and opted for seasoned vegetables, especially men ageing 50 and under. Participants were also asked to fill up a questionnaire that surveyed their eating habits.

It was found that 84% of the participants were willing to buy broccoli as side dish if offered at $1. 74% were willing to have green beans while 64% of the participants preferred carrots when offered at $1.

steamed vegetables

Experts shared that adding seasoning to veggies make them more tempting and appealing, especially to those whose vegetable intake is usually inadequate. The study was published in the journal Appetite and noted how an average American adult fails to meet the daily recommended portion of vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are laced with essential micronutrients and fibre significant for the functioning and development of the body. Lack of these vital micronutrients may lead to nutrient deficiencies triggering a host of health ailments. Experts suggest consuming at least more than 5 portions of fruits and veggies spread across the day.


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