Hair fall is a problem that most of us face and are worried about. reasons for the same could range from stress, medications, or improper care. However, shedding only a few strands may actually be normal.

Hair shedding and hair fall: How much is too much - What is normal hair fall and when should you see a doctor

Hair shedding and hair fall: How much is too much – What is normal hair fall and when should you see a doctor  |  Photo Credit: Getty Images

New Delhi: Three things that everyone stays really worried about is their skin, hair and weight, as they make up a very important part of their appearance. When you look at your hairbrush in the morning, you may feel that your hair is absolutely unhealthy and really needs more care and attention. The bathroom drain clogged with hair strands may be a good reminder of the same. However, some amount of hair loss is normal and need not be worried about.

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, shedding fifty to a hundred strands of hair every day is not abnormal and you need not be worried if that is the amount of hair you are losing.

Why does normal hair fall occur?

When you wash your hair thoroughly, hair strands that are slightly disconnected from the scalp or the ones that are weakly linked may fall off. Also, the pressure applied while untangling them using a hairbrush or a comb might break a few and that is normal. The way you style your hair, especially women, may also result in hair fall. Situations like pregnancy, periods, or menopause also affect hair fall in women.

All these reasons can contribute to a normal hair fall of fifty to a hundred strands in a day and that is absolutely fine and normal. You need not worry if that is the approximate number of hair you are losing each day and are able to connect the dots to one or two particular reasons.

When should you be worried?

If you see clumps of hair falling out together, or spot bald patches on your scalp, you should be worried. In this case the hair fall is due to health conditions and reasons beyond the ones mentioned above and may require attention. Such hair fall can be a symptom of an underlying disease or problem which may be serious. Such problems also lead to hair fall from all your body parts and not just your head, so if you experience that, you should consult a doctor. Medications, stress, and mental health conditions can also be a reason for such hair shedding and you should see a doctor if the problem aggravates.