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What is the VB6 diet?

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One of the movements gaining momentum in the wellness industry is VB6, a new diet that keeps both weight and health in check. So what exactly is it? VB6 stands for Vegan Before 6, and as the name suggests, involves being completely vegan until 6pm. This means no dairy, meat or seafood until this time. You can eat meals and snacks in regular sensible portions, without worrying about calories, as long as they’re vegan. Post 6 pm, there is no such restriction and you can eat a dinner that is not strictly vegan.

However, if you want to do justice to the VB6 diet, you should keep a few key rules in mind. You can eat unlimited portions of fruit and vegetables, limited portions of whole grains, nuts and seeds, and must consider items like dairy and meat as treats, and have them only once a day – at dinner.

However, with long-term use of the VB6 diet, patrons find themselves getting used to the benefits of a vegan diet, and start slowly eliminating the treats altogether. A vegan diet offers better metabolism, lesser fat intake, and cardiovascular benefits that a non-vegan diet lacks. The diet is sustainable, as long as you consume enough lentils, legumes and soy in your diet for protein, and enough flaxseeds and walnuts as good omega 3 fatty acid substitutes.

Also, while all things vegan are allowed, use your common sense to eat sensibly – cutting out refined sugar, deep-fried foods and refined flours from your diet, and sticking to whole, natural foods as much as possible.


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