National Nutrition Month: 5 Easy Diet Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss

The National Nutrition Month or ‘Poshan Maah’ commenced on 1st September this year, the month is aimed at making people aware of the importance of eating healthy and clean. Malnutrition is one of India’s greatest challenges. Most people in this country cannot afford basic healthy foods like dal, rice and vegetables. The rise of junk food joints is taking youth away from homemade food. We don’t realise, but our kitchen pantry is stuffed with ingredients that could do wonders for our overall health. These ‘simple ingredients’ may even come in handy if you are on a weight loss diet. Many people fall for fad diets and easy hacks for weight loss. But let us tell you a secret, there is no shortcut to weight loss. You may lose a pound or two for a while, but you cannot sustain it if you do not have a balanced meal plan in place. The good news is that there are many natural ways in which you could aim towards a sustainable weight loss.

Here Are Some Diet Tips That Could Help:

1. Drink enough water: Keep yourself hydrated; there are times when your brain intermixes signals of thirst and hunger. Many times, you are actually just thirsty but you think you are craving food. Starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon cleanses the digestive system and also increases your metabolism.

2. Try having 90 percent of your food at home: At home, you can be assured of the ingredients used and also monitor the amount of fats in your daily preparations. Try eating most of your food at home. It is a good idea to grab healthy snack (read: fruits, granola, yogurt) before you head out for a party. It is always better than reaching their famished. If you are slightly full, you would naturally binge less.


Weight Loss: At home, you can be assured of the ingredients used

3. Take enough protein and fibre: It is advisable to supplement your diet with enough protein and fibre-rich goods. These foods keep you full, and if you are satiated your chances of eating uncontrollably are less.

4. Eat slowly: Take your time, chew your food well. If you eat very fast, your digestion gets hindered. Poor digestion could lead to weight gain.

5. Choose Fruits Over Fruit Juices: It is always a good idea to consume fruits and limit drinking juices. Fruits are packed with fibre. Juicing the fruit may make you lose out on fibre. Fibre takes the longest to digest. Since it stays in your system for so long, it helps you keep satiated for a longer spell too!


Weight loss: It is always a good idea to consume fruits and limit drinking juices.

Keep these tips in mind and eat healthy. Happy National Nutrition month everybody!