Happy Yoga Day: Facial Yoga, the Yogic Way of Toning Your Face Muscles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared 21st June as International Yoga Day to celebrate the importance of Yoga in our day to day living. This date was chosen because it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world. Yoga, as many already know embodies the unity between mind and body, thought and action and symbolises harmony between man and nature. It is a holistic approach to health and well-being and being accepted around the world for its many health benefits.


On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we look at a lesser known set of exercises that help rejuvenate muscles of your face. Facial yoga is practiced and advocated by many experts as a means to strengthen your facial muscles.


What is Facial Yoga?


‘Ageing gracefully’ can be a dreaded statement in this world of innumerable ageing creams and serums loaded with chemicals. But how about making it easier with adding yoga to it and keeping it naturally beautiful? According to Dr. Deepali Bharadwaj from the Skin & Hair Clinic, “Facial yoga is a form of yoga which is practiced using the facial muscles. It plays a role in keeping muscles of the face tighter, rejuvenated, fresher, looking younger, lesser lags, just as yoga does to the muscles all over the body, by giving oxygen to the facial muscles. For me facial yoga is a way of life and I make sure to practice it every day for about 10 minutes. I ensure at least a 10-15 minute facial yoga session while I am driving.”

yogaFacial yoga is a form of yoga which is practiced using the facial muscles​

Benefits of Facial Yoga

Face yoga or facial yoga is a set of exercises to help relax and tone your face muscles. Let us give you a lowdown on some benefits of facial yoga:


1. Helps slow down the aging process


As you grow older, you may witness fine lines and wrinkles forming with time and makes you look aged. With face stretching and other exercises, you will be able to get rid of these fine lines and eventually get a tighter and toned skin.


2. It helps release tension


Yoga helps make us calm. Our sedentary lifestyles have led us to sit at one place for more than 8 hours, leading excessive tension on the spinal cord, neck and core muscles. Facial yoga helps release the tension in these areas and helps you relax.


3. Can help eliminate double chin


If you hate looking at yourself in the mirror with a dreaded double chin, facial yoga might be just the perfect deal. Neck exercises in face yoga can help deal with the stubborn fat on the chin.


4. It is all natural


You can easily get a naturally glowing skin and toned face muscles just by facial yoga. Hence, you wouldn’t really need to use any anti-aging surgeries and other chemical interventions.

facial yogaFace yoga or facial yoga is a set of exercises to help relax and tone your face muscles​

Some facial yoga exercises

Here are some yoga exercises suggested by Dr. Bharadwaj:


1. The Fish Face


The fish face helps in tightening the cheek muscles, give rigidity and tone them, avoiding sagging. All you need to do is to smile as you purse your lips, then create a fish face by sucking the inside of your cheeks.

2. Kiss the Ceiling


Look up and pucker your mouth like you are kissing the ceiling. Hold for five seconds and repeat the exercise. This exercise is to get a prominent jawline and high cheekbones and strengthen the muscles in your neck.

3. Puffer Cheeks


To firm your cheeks, take a deep breath through your mouth and puff the breath from cheek to cheek. This pose will strengthen the cheek muscles and eventually prevent them from becoming thinner.

4. Say Bye to Crow’s Feet


Crow’s Feet also known as laugh lines are the fine lines formed around the corner of the eyes with age. Open your eyes wide like you are surprised. Pull skin back while doing this exercise with the help of your hand.

5. Baby Bird


If you want to prevent your chin and neck from sagging, press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, pose a smile and while pointing your chin at the ceiling.

So on this International Yoga Day, pledge to take out some time to rejuvenate the, often ignored, tired muscles of your face.