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Want to get into shape and lose the unwanted flab? Grab the jump rope. Skipping is being called the ultimate high-intensity exercise regimen. A full-body workout that starts with the wrists, it uses the legs, hands, shoulders and abs to leave you healthy and toned. Skipping also increases bone density and builds alertness. Folks are increasingly taking to this workout that you can do just about anywhere. Short bursts of high intensity exercise are said to wake up the body and it’s no wonder that celebrities such as Padma Lakshmi, Kate Hudson, Megan Fox and Justin Bieber are all said to be fans of skipping.

Here are a few rules to follow when using the jump rope…

1) Choose the right rope:
Size matters here, because if the rope is too short you may hit your shins. To know what works, step on the rope and extend the handles upwards. If they touch the armpits , it’s a comfortable size.
2) The turf: Jumping on the wrong surface can impact the knees adversely. Avoid cement as that is too hard. Instead, jump on grass or another soft flooring.
3) Your clothes: Remember, when skipping, the rope might hit your outfit, so avoid hoodies with long ropes. Stick to a T-shirt and fitted tracks.

4) Warm up: This is a strenuous activity, so work out before you jump rope.
5) Start gradually: New to this? Begin with a one-foot bounce and then go to a two-foot one. In a single bounce, you should be jumping only ½ an inch off the ground.
6) Your form: Never jump flat-footed, but land on the balls of your feet. Also, while jumping do not let your feet touch the ground.

Jumping rope for 10 minutes = Running one mile