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How to Get Rid of Love Handles: 6 Ways to Do Away With the Extra Fat

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How to Get Rid of Love Handles: 6 Ways to Do Away With the Extra Fat

Have you been struggling to get rid of those love handles bulging out of your sides? We have some good news for you and it doesn’t require you to go to the gym! All you need to do is to take out 20 minutes of your time every day and work on getting rid of those love handles. Here are some super effective exercises that will help you lose those extra inches.

Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home to Get Rid of Love Handles 

These exercises may need a lot of stamina and focus. Initially, it would be difficult for you to do too several sets therefore, we suggest you start off with lesser number of repetitions and increase them gradually when your body becomes comfortable with these exercises.

1. Side Plank Hip Crunch

If you are aware of planks you would know how effective they are. To reduce the side bumps, side planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Lie on one side with the legs stacked on top of another. Now lift the body with the help of your hand or elbow while keeping the feet stacked. Keeping your core tightened throughout, pull the knee towards your chest and crunch your elbow towards it. Slowly, bring your body back into the side plank position. Try to do at least three sets of 10-12 repetitions.

2. Piked Elbow Twists

All you need to do is to lie down on the floor with your legs and arms extended in a straight position. Now lift your legs and arms in a sit-up position until your torso is off the floor. It may take some time to balance your body on the hips. Twist your torso to the right side, bend your arms and touch the right elbow to the ground. Repeat the same on your left side. Keep alternating it and do at least 20 repetitions.

3. Hip Dips

Position yourself in a side plank. Once you are comfortable in your position, place your free hand on your hip and start dipping your lower hip towards the ground and bring it up again in the same position. Repeat this exercise again and try and do at least 15 repetitions on each side.

4. Side Bend

This exercise would be more effective if you have a dumbbell. Take a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet wide apart. Bend from your waist on one side as low as you can without hampering your leg position. As you bend, sweep your arm in an arch overhead. Straighten up and repeat it on the other side. Keep alternating and do around 20 repetitions on each side.

5. Bicycle Crunches

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your hands behind the head. By engaging your abdomen, lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor. At the same time, move your right elbow towards your left knee so that they coincide in the middle of the body. Repeat the same with your left elbow towards your right knee. This exercise needs to be done in quick succession while keeping your torso raised off the floor.

6. Knee Drop

Lie flat on the floor; try to pull the abs tight towards your spine to make this exercise a lot more effective. Position yourself into a table drop position by lifting your legs off the ground. Slowly, drop your knees over to the right side, keeping the abs pulled in tight and the lower back flat. Position it back to the table drop position and repeat the process on the other side. You will feel your lower back and sides stretched. Repeat the exercise for about 8-10 repetitions on each side.

All these exercise have one thing in common; they put a lot of strain on your sides provided you are following the right technique. As you do these exercises regularly, you may feel a burning sensation over your sides. This burning sensation is caused when the fat burns.

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Apart from these exercises, it is important to maintain your diet. Cut down on your heavy dinner routine. Replace junk snacks with healthy food including oat bran, soups and green tea. These small changes in your eating habits are a must if you are looking to get rid of those love handles.





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