Glasses brand Warby Parker has released an app that can perform a vision test in the comfort of your own home.

The system, used with an iPhone and computer in tandem, requires 12-feet (3.6 meters) of space to find our if your vision has changed since your last eye exam.

While it’s only available to people have purchased Warby Parker glasses before, the company says they’re working on making it more widely available.

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The system allows an eye doctor to review the test results and provide a prescription.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete and requires the user’s glasses, an iPhone, computer, credit card and approximately 12-feet of space between the user and the computer.

The app then guides the user through a series of tests to see how the user is seeing through the glasses he or she is wearing.

Within 24 hours, an eye doctor reviews the test results and assesses whether the user’s vision has changed since the last prescription.

If it hasn’t changed, the doctor writes the user an updated prescription that can be used anywhere – but if it has changed, the doctor recommends a comprehensive eye exam.

While the app may seem more convenient than a visit to an eye doctor or optician, Warby Parker says that the test isn’t a comprehensive eye exam and isn’t intended to replace visits to an eye doctor.