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Yoga for Double Chin: An Inexpensive Way to Lose That Extra Facial Chub

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Yoga for Double Chin: An Inexpensive Way to Lose That Extra Facial Chub

No matter how dearly we love ourselves there are few things that will always rob us off our confidence. From belly fat, love handles to saggy arms and double chin – these are the problem areas that are hard to hide and instantly begin to show if we put on the slightest weight. Work your way through hiding that winter weight gain but one thing that will always be right out in the open is double chin. Excess weight is one of the biggest perpetrators of that extra facial mass, whereas age-related collagen loss also causes our skin to lose its elasticity and become saggy. If double chin has been your cause of concern then fret not! We bring you the natural way to achieve that enviable look all over again.

Yoga has answers to some of our most common, everyday woes. Can the age-old practice help beat double chin? “Of course, you can try facial yoga. Other than that, all postures that come under ‘the heart opener’ are effective in reducing double chin. These include all such asanas that require you to extend your hands back, like the camel pose,” says Manisha Kohli, co-founder of Yoga Chakra, GK II, Delhi.


Easy yogic tricks to reduce double chin

facial yoga

Stretch your neck

1. The Chub Blaster

This will give a your jaw and neck and nice stretch and work on toning the muscles. Follow the steps given below.


– Stand or sit in a comfortable position – padmasana or sukhasana.


– Keep your head in a normal position.


– Now, lift your lower lip as much as possible and push your lower jaw out.


– You can feel the tension in your chin and jaw muscles.


– Stay for 10-15 seconds and relax.

double chin

2. The Giraffe

This one is the easiest of the lot and works magic on toning up that double chin when done regularly.


– Sit comfortably and look ahead.


– Place your fingers at the end of your neck and stroke your skin downward.


– Simultaneously, tilt your head backwards.


– Now bend your neck to touch your chest with your chin.


– Repeat the entire process two times.


Try neck rotations, neck bends and several other neck exercises to get better results.


3. The Fish Expression


Another effective way to tighten your facial muscles is by doing the fish expression. Suck your lips and cheeks in till your mouth starts resembling a fish. Now look right and left, then up and hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. Repeat thrice.

fish face

Hold that pose!

4. The Dumbbell Technique


You can also try the dumbbell technique wherein you lift your chin up and repeatedly open and close your mouth for -10-15 seconds; repeat thrice.


Get in touch with a certified yoga practitioner to learn more asanas to reduce double chin


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