Wedding Diet Tips: 5 Unfriendly Foods For Brides

Excited for your wedding day?  All preparations done? Jewelry, outfit and makeup ready? Great. What about your body and skin? Sure, beauty is skin deep and not everything has to do with your looks, but wanting to look your absolute best on your weeding day is perfectly normal too. Acne, a painful zit or a last minute rash is every bride’s nightmare. As always, what you eat will show on your skin!

A nutritious, balanced diet will go a long way in making your skin glow and keep you feeling and looking fresh. And not just in the run up to your big day, what you eat on the day of your wedding needs attention too. After all, your energy and spirits need to be up to truly enjoy the occasion. So exercise caution when it comes to what you eat for those 2-3 days, some food items could play truant and give you unnecessary stress and worry.  Here are 5 items that top the list of foods to avoid if you have sensitive skin and break into a rash easily.

1. Dairy Products

It’s your big day, you want to look fresh all day and meet all your friends and family with a bright smile on your face. Dairy foods like cheese, butter or creamy items like puffs and eclairs should be avoided due to the fact that fatty and greasy food can upset your stomach. They are harder to digest and mix of nervous butterflies and dairy in your tummy is never a good idea! According to dietitian Maria Bella, “There is a very strong correlation between consuming dairy products and acne, skin breakouts and aging. Food with a high glycemic index may also cause skin problem for some people.”

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Dairy foods like cheese, butter or creamy items can upset your stomach. Photo Credit : Istock

2. High Fiber Food

Although beans and lentils like chana, rajma and others are good for health but you may want to slow down on these a couple of days before you wedding. They are high in fibre and, sometimes, calories too. You could experience painful cramps and some people may even experience flatulence, bloating and constipation. Also, if you are still trying to get into to that dress, high calorie foods are best avoided. 

beans chaat

High calorie foods are best avoided. Photo Credit : Istock

3. Refined Carbs

Always good to steer clear of refined foods and wedding time is no different. These make you put on weight and make you feel bloated. If you are someone who is usually not used to refined carbs but all that partying has increased our intake, you will suddenly feel your system slowing down and lethargy setting in. Excess refined carbs in dishes like pizzas, pastas, baked goods and white bread can increase the weight, belly fat and digestive problems, all at once. Moreover, it can also worsen skin conditions like acne, pimples and rashes. 


Always good to steer clear of refined foods and wedding time is no different. Photo Credit : Istock

4. Caffeine And Carbonated Beverage

Okay, we know you are feeling the jitters but downing several cups of coffee everyday is going to harm you more than you can imagine. Caffeine, present in tea and coffee, is known for its mental alertness but it also has a contradictory effect leading to over-exhaustion as soon as it leaves the body. Overdoing caffeine based drinks can also lead to dehydration that can make you look and feel dull! Opt for fresh fruit juices, green tea or plain and simple H2O, nothing is is needed!

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Caffeine based drinks can lead to dehydration.  Photo Credit : Istock

5. Food With Starch
We include too much starchy food like potato, rice and beans in our everyday meals, and this may have a similar effect on our body like sugar has. It leads to energy level fluctuations, gas problems and increased hunger which further leads to overeating and weight gain. Especially potatoes, when deep fried, trigger gas, gas pain and bloating particularly for people already prone to stomach problems.


Starchy foods leads to energy level fluctuations, gas problems. Photo Credit : Istock

Following these simple diet tips will help you increase your energy levels for your wedding day. Remember, you have to feel great from within to look smashing on the outside! Eat well, sleep enough and drink lots of water. And don’t forget to leave that gorgeous smile of yours behind. Have fun!