7 Desi Foods That Will Keep You Warm and Cozy During Winters

Winter season is here and while we all enjoy the chilly breeze after months of hot summers, it is important to adjust to the needs of the cold weather and keep yourself warm. When the temperature falls, your metabolism tends to slow down in order to conserve energy and keep your body warm. This is probably why you feel lethargic and lazy during winters. Some foods help in regulating your metabolism and keeping you active and energized through the day by warming your belly and providing. comfort. Here are seven foods that not only keep you warm but will also make you feel good.

1. Onions: In traditional Chinese medicine, onions have been used as a ‘Chi’ or an ‘Energizing Tonic’ which increases perspiration and keeps the body warm to tackle cold weather. By moving the body’s energy to the surface of the skin, your body can be kept warm. Blend them into a delicious French onion soup served with some grated cheese and fried croutons.


Make a warm French onion soup on a chilly day.

2. Amaranth: Grains such as amaranth and bajra will keep you toasty. You can make a warm amaranth cereal with winter berries and honey or you can also have it for lunch instead of rice. Moreover, millets such as bajra and ragi are known to keep you energetic during the sluggish winter days. They are high energy foods that mostly contain starch which takes long to digest and generates energy over a period of time.

amaranth flour

Grains such as amaranth and bajra will keep you toasty. Photo Credit: istock

3. Desi Ghee: According to Ayurveda, desi ghee is one of the most easily digestible fats used for cooking and provided the much needed warmth. Ghee is a natural remedy for balancing the heat element (pitta) of the body. It aids in digestion, prevents constipation and helps in the excretion of toxins. It not only keeps you warm but also increases your immunity and protects you against cold and flu. Eating onions fried in desi ghee is known to soothe and treat a sore throat.

ghee 620

Ghee not only keeps you warm but also increases your immunity

4. Ginger: Ginger is known to have thermogenic properties that can keep you warm. It may also boost your metabolism and promote blood flow. The best way to have it is to brew a hot cup of ginger tea made with raw ginger root.

ginger powder

Ginger is known to have thermogenic properties ​

5. Shalgam (Turnip): Root vegetables such as turnip, radish, sweet potatoes and yams provide the much needed energy and also ensure that you stay warm. Root vegetables are those that are grown below the surface. They are able to warm the body because their digestion is slower which generates more heat. Use them to make a warm stew for dinner and through them in a salad with leafy greens.

turnipRoot vegetables keep your body warm. 

6. Mustard or Sarson: Be it mustard oil, mustard seeds or fresh mustard leaves (commonly known as sarson) – all three are known to hot in nature. Due to its warming properties, they build quite a lot of heat in the body when consumed. Sarson ka Tel is also often used for massaging the feet during harsh winters to keep warm and cozy.

7. Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds are great for warming your body which is why they are often used in Indian halwas and chikkis enjoyed during the winter season. The tiny seeds are also packed with calcium and iron. The make the most of it, you should soak the sesame seeds and then have it in the morning. You can also make small balls of sesame seeds and jaggery and have have one every day to keep your warm and energized. Sesame seed oil is also very effective and can be used for cooking.

sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are great for warming your body

Load up on these heat-generating foods and enjoy the winter season.