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Skin Detox: Dermatologists Tells How Skin Fasting Can Heal Your Skin

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Skin Detox: Dermatologists Tells How Skin Fasting Can Heal Your Skin

Just like your body, even your skin needs a detox. And just the way you fast or follow some diet restrictions to give your body a break and cleanse from, say food binges, you can also do skin fasting, wherein you give a break to your skin from all the treatments and skincare products that you use regularly. Elaborating on skin fasting, the benefits of it and the different ways of skin detox is dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi on Instagram.

In her video, Dr Kiran says skin fasting or skin detoxing is referred to a certain period where you don’t apply anything on your face. It can be a great way to take a break from your skincare products and give your skin some to breathe.

How to do skin fasting?

Just like regular fasting, skin fasting can be done by simply applying nothing to your face and cleansing it with plain water. However, a slight modification can be done to this where you can use some sunscreen lotion and/or a moisturiser on your skin, or either one of them. Dr Kiran specifies that you can do skin fasting according to your own choice and follow the regime which best suits your skin.


Not applying anything on your face can be a great skin detox for you
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How often should you go on a skin detox?

You can go on a skin detox once in two or three months, or once every month, or once every week. It depends on your daily skincare routine and how your skin feels on day-to-day basis. If your skin feels irritated, sensitive dry, oily or dull, you can go on a skin detox once in a week or once in two weeks.

“Skin detox can be what it means to you. Just like when you fast, you opt for fasting on juices or simply nothing, you can similarly fast your skin with a moisturiser or with water,” says Dr Kiran.

Skin detox can be helpful for those who use a lot of stimulants on the skin like anti-ageing creams, or skin lightening creams, or those who wear too much make-up regularly. “Skin fasting like a vacation for your skin,” she adds.

This is not to infer that the skincare products that you are using are bad or unhealthy for skin. Skin fasting is done to give your skin some healing time so that you can restart using skincare products as needed.


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