Listen Up, Men: Why You Must Hit the Gym for Stronger Bones

You’ll find most men talking about fitness and being gym freaks. Of course, your reason to hit the gym could be to stay in shape, build a muscular body or get those envious six-pack abs but here’s a great way it can actually benefit your body. According to a new study, published in the Journal Bone, engaging in weight-bearing exercises like resistance training and various types of jumps regular can help improve bone health in men.

The study suggests that one year of targeted exercise can decrease the harmful sclerostin, a type of protein made in the bone, and increase IGF-1, a hormone associated with bone growth. These changes promote bone formation and increase bone density leading to stronger bones.

To reach this conclusion, researchers examined 25 to 60 year old men who had low bone mass. They were split into two groups. The first group practiced resistance training exercises such as lunges and squats using free weights while the second group indulged in various types of jumps such as single-leg and double-leg jumps. After 12 months of performing these exercises, the team compared their levels of bone proteins and hormones in the blood. Interestingly, it was seen that there was a decrease in the level of sclerostin in both of these exercise interventions in men. Another important thing that was noted was the increase in the hormone IGF-1 which triggers bone growth.


Health experts always recommend some amount of daily exercise (ideally 30 minutes) to keep your body healthy and prevent the risk of lifestyle diseases like heart trouble, diabetes and obesity. But this study shows that focusing on some specific forms of exercise can give you additional benefits like stronger bones in this case.