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Check out the ways to protect your skin from blazing sun

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KOCHI:  It is that time of the year again. The sun is blazing as if on an agenda to burn everything that stands in its way. While it is the time to stash away your sweatshirts and jeans and opt for more loose-fit clothing, it is also the time to take care of that exposed skin.

Shield your skin

No matter how much you dislike it, sunscreen can immediately shield you from the sun. It is preferred to use a sunscreen of SPF 30. “Depending on the skin type, it is important to find the perfect sunscreen. Gel sunscreen works best for those with oily skin. For those with dry skin, sunscreen cream gives better results,” says Dr Meera James, a Kochi-based dermatologist.​

Now that we have found the perfect sunscreen, it should be applied at least twice a day, especially since the sun gives its best performance between 9 am and 3 pm. However, one would get better results if applied in an interval of three to four hours. Experts say that one should apply the sunscreen at least 10 minutes before he/she gets out.

If one is involved in watersports, an aqua gel sunscreen is recommended. Apart from applying sunscreens, there are vitamin tablets which also provide sun protection. In the worst-case scenario in which one gets sunburned, it is advised to consult a doctor as early as possible. “Delaying treatment would lead to forming dark marks, itchy spots and patches on the skin,” says Meera. She says applying curd, tomato and lime juice, and following other home remedies work well on certain types of skin. “And it need not always work favourably,” she says.

Those with rosacea (it is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the face) need to be extra careful in this weather. “It is better if they avoid the sun. If at all, use a sunscreen appropriate for the sensitive skin depending on your doctor’s advice,” says the dermatologist.

Stay clear of moisturisers

If you were best friends with your moisturiser in the winter, this is the season to break up with it. Experts say there is no need to apply additional moisturiser if one uses a good sunscreen. This is because the sunscreen moisturises your skin apart from protecting it.

Ideally, it is advisable to moisturise your skin immediately after a bath. “Water is the best moisturiser. When you apply a moisturiser after the bath, you’re retaining the moisture within the skin,” says the expert. However, it is important to not wash your face too frequently. This leads to causing dry skin.


Makeup experts stress on hydrating primers and dewy foundation. A translucent powder to lock in cream and moisture should do the trick. Dewy looks give a radiant, youthful vibe, resonating with the spirit of summer. Could less be more? Possibly. However, more can also look less with the right application of makeup and improved technique, providing a flawless finish.


What better than gloss to complete your dewy look. Replace your matte lipsticks with gloss for hydration and a classy finish. Also, as bright colours scream summer, tones of magenta and coral with a dash of metallic should do the trick.

Hydration is simple, powerful

The best way to take care of one’s skin is by drinking water. Lots of it. This is important to maintain the moisture balance and help in the process of detoxification.  It is better to avoid cool aerated drinks.


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