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How AI Determines The Diet Plans

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Image result for How AI Determines The Diet PlansArtificial intelligence is becoming an ordinary part of human lives in the 21st century. People already got used to the AI features on their smartphones and the artificial voice assistants in their homes. This leads us to ask the question – what’s next?

AI Technology in the Food Industry

AI is changing the way we live by finding its way into the most personal aspects of our lives. One of the best examples of how close AI actually got to humans is its implementation in the food industry. After all, what better way is there to get more involved in personal lives than through the food we consume every day?

Tech giants such as Google and IBM have already given AI a go, both in research and the creation of practical solutions. IBM, for instance, is involved in research and experiments where they use AI to pair flavors and generate new recipes. One of the most popular food companies, McCormick & Company collaborated with IBM to create an AI-enabled retail products.

Namely, these two companies worked together to create an AI-based algorithm that uses big data to provide intelligent insights into flavor-related experiments. Creating a new flavor can be considered both science and art. Even the smallest change in the ratio of ingredients can make or break a specific flavor. That is why this lengthy process takes lots of calculation and experimentation, something that would take years to do if there wasn’t such a thing as artificial intelligence.

The AI-created insights evolve as the data changes, thus allowing the algorithm to make intelligent decisions, explore multiple flavor options, as well as suggest the best alternatives. AI is used in this field to help identify patters quickly and more efficiently, as well as to test flavors through machine leaning algorithms.

AI and Diet Planning – What Could the Future Bring?

If artificial intelligence can successfully predict whether a flavor tastes good, imagine what else it could do to improve our lives. Another way AI is going to change what we eat is through data-based diet planning. Even though AI-guided diets are still in the early stages, the technology is developing quickly and we could soon be testing software for personalized diet plans.

AI-based diet planning programs would rely on machine learning and data analytics to create meal plans for your specific digestive system. AI would analyze the user’s metabolism and digestive system to create an ideal meal plan for their needs. A change like this could potentially save millions of lives by preventing diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions caused by malnutrition. “Personalization of diet plans increases the probability (by 20%) on our data applied models that users will meet their original weight loss goal. Thus this created data model predicts with 72% probability that users will actually lose the expected weight. The main elements that the prediction include are properties of the weight loss meal, social demographic data of users, and desired weight loss.” says Egija Dinga CEO of Science22 that brings artificial intelligence into diet plans with the use of big data analytics.

While nutritionists might find themselves at a risk of losing their job to machines, AI-based diet planning programs would be able to work more quickly and far more efficiently. As machine learning evolves, these systems will be able to make smart decisions based on millions of data bits, which is something the human mind cannot do.

We cannot know what the future will bring but we are certainly on the path to developing more AI-based solutions that will greatly implement our lives.


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