We have tried justifying going to bed without washing our faces more times than we’d like to admit. But after watching this video on what sleeping in makeup does to your body, we swear to never commit this skincare sin again.

Wearing makeup overnight, albeit with your eyes closed and head atop a pillow, really does affect the condition of your skin. And the damage it does is outright terrifying.

Eye makeup such as shadows and liners “can clog hair follicles and oil glands with bacteria causing inflammation or styes.” Not washing off your oil-based foundations could potentially lead to acne. Smeared lipstick can spread onto your face, clogging up pores and creating blackheads. Not to mention, free radicals floating around in the air cling to your makeup. This breaks down collagen and causes wrinkles to gradually form.

We won’t say we told you so. Just consider this video your wake-up call to wash your face before going to bed.