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‘Singularity’ Skin Is Live in ‘Fortnite’ With Secret Helmets, Unlockable Styles

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If you’ve been keeping up with your Fortbytes, you got a treat today. Today is the first day that 90 Fortbytes have been available inside this game, and so today is the first day that players have been able to complete the Utopia challenge and unlock the Singularity skin, embodying what everyone is pretty sure is the pilot that control the giant robot in a fight against the monster swimming out in the ocean. Remember when we thought this game was just a PUBG clone?

But that’s not all: there are also some secret styles you can unlock once you’ve earned the skin. This isn’t at all clear upon unlocking it: you get a list of challenges, sure, but all they ask you to do is collect 95 and 100 Fortbytes to add a helmet and some other embellishments to the standard green outfit. But Singularity has a little more flair than just that. Scattered around the map are a bunch of secret helmets, some of which are easy to find and some of which are much more difficult. Stay tuned for full guides on that.

All told this isn’t the most visually interesting Tier-100 skin we’ve had. That award probably still goes to the monstrous Viking ice demon that is Ragnarok, but the sad, fiery beast that is the Prisoner isn’t far behind. This looks way too much like Rox, which was one of the first two skins we got with the battle pass this season. The unlockable styles are nice, but they’re also just palette swaps. I like to think that cutting some corners on this helped the Fortnite team take their summer break, however, so I’m fine with things being a little less elaborate this time around.

I’m genuinely curious as to what’s going to happen with this robot, however. That it will fight the monster seems like a safe bet, and at this point, it seems like it’s going to happen in a one-time event rather than a full LTM. Usually, the end of a season goes like this: we get a one-time event that serves as the cap to the events of the season that then takes a weird left turn into whatever will dominate the next season.


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