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Remember how in school your mom would apply a bowl full of oil in your hair and you had to live with it for almost a week? Most people still vouch by it and say that applying lots of oil and keeping it overnight is the best way to boost hair growth and promote health of your hair.

Sorry to break the bubble. Hair oils are absolutely necessary but applying a large quantity of it isn’t going to help you in any possible way. The quantity of hair oil used has no association whatsoever with hair growth says hair expert Pia Balwani, owner and chief stylist at Hair OK Please, a South Mumbai based hair studio.

Just applying the right quantity should do the trick. The oil needs to be applied to the roots and when you massage the scalp, it automatically gets rubbed on the strands of your hair. A few spoons of oil is sufficient for that and if you can use warm oil, even better as it will aid circulation. Leaving the hair oil overnight isn’t really going to help either. In fact, it may lead to skin issues for those with oily and sensitive skin. The oil gets rubbed on the pillow and consequently comes in contact with facial skin leading to problems. You can try these home remedies for hair loss and other hair issues.

Did you know hair loss can be a result of nutritional deficiencies? The quality and health of your hair depend on how strong and healthy your hair follicles are and that can be achieved only with a good diet. Here are foods you must eat to prevent premature greying and hair loss. Oil cannot seep till the follicles. It just adds moisture to dry scalp and conditions the strands says celebrity hair expert Jawed Habib in his book Hair Yoga. He also suggests that an oil massage is just an external treatment. In fact, if you apply too much of oil, you’ll have to use a lot of shampoo to get rid of the oil leading to dry hair again.

So now that you know the facts, oil your hair once or twice a week but use only the required amount and allow it to stay for an hour before you wash it off. You can also follow these tips by Jawed Habib to oil hair the right way.

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