In 2015,, former member of the music group The Black Eyed Peas, teamed up with Gucci to launch a smart band. He described the band as the perfect mix of fashion and technology.

However, the band didn’t do too well in the market, probably because it was trying to do too much — being a high-end fashion accessory, and a smart band that among other things could make calls through the 3G Network.

So far, the merger of fashion and technology has proceeded in fits and starts. Ideas, such as a T-shirt that lets you change the pattern on it, didn’t quite take off with the non-tech-crazy crowd. And, it will still take some time to refine the technology.

This is the backdrop in which Arrow has launched a smart shirt, or a shirt with a piece of built-in digital technology. In this instance, the technology is not overwhelming — the shirt has an NFC chip in one of its cuffs. This smart shirt doesn’t want to change your life dramatically, only give you some added functionality.