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5 ways to tweak your skincare routine this winter

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5 ways to tweak your skincare routine this winter

That time of year is finally here when it’s socially (and climatically) acceptable to pull out the sweaters, jumpers, and boots. No matter where in the country you are, there’s no denying that the winter chill has settled in the air. ‘Tis indeed is the season for you to be jolly and merry – your skin on the other hand, won’t be. Remember, winter brings its own set of skincare woes – the colder the weather, the harsher the conditions are for your skin.

 Dr Harshna Bijlani, medical head, The Ageless Clinic weighs in on the different ways you can tweak your regime so that your skin doesn’t feel bone-dry this winter.

1. Gentle cleansers FTW

The first step to retaining your skin’s natural moisture would be to stay away from harsh cleansers. Dr Bijlani says, “In winter, the humidity and temperatures tend to drop, this often results in dry, flaky skin for a lot of us. When temperatures and humidity drop, your body loses ~25% of its moisture or water level without even sweating.”

She advises choosing cream, oil or gel based cleansers that remove impurities and hydrate at the same time.

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2.Throw in the towel

Curb the urge to towel-dry your face after cleansing it. “Aggressively rubbing your skin with a towel to dry off is definitely not good for it, especially when it is already dry and irritated. Shower with lukewarm water and then gently pat dry your skin instead of rubbing it to maintain your skin health,” she suggests.

According to the international beauty bible Beauticate, towel drying your skin doesn’t allow for products to penetrate properly. By leaving your face slightly moist, products such as your moisturiser will work a lot better.

3. Masked heroes

Maintain those moisture levels with hydrating face masks that’ll deep cleanse and nourish your skin. Dr Bijlani advises using sheet and gel masks; “Make sure you look for hydrating and nourishing ingredients like idebenone, vitamin C & E, hyaluronic acid, AHA, ceramides, and peptides.”

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4. Double the moisture

Your winter skincare routine isn’t complete without a whole lot of moisture. Moisturising immediately post a shower allows for your pores to take in as much moisture as they can.  For your night-time routine, layer your skin with a face-oil or serum to hydrate it even further while you’re getting your beauty sleep.


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5. Lips don’t lie

Just like your face, your lips also need that extra TLC during the winter. Lip balms rich in beeswax, aloe vera, and shea butter will help moisturise your pout even further. “Another good point to remember is SPF, your lips need SPF throughout the year, just because it’s not too sunny outside does not mean the UVA UVB rays will not harm your lips,” she warns.

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