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Warning that dietary supplement ‘not fit for human consumption’ due to presence of illegal steroids

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Source: FSAI

THE FOOD SAFETY Authority of Ireland has recalled all the products of a dietary supplement producer due to them containing illegal steroids and stimulants that pose a serious health risk.

The FSAI also said it was recalling all Falcon Labs products as it could not determine where they were produced and are unable to properly trace them.

The FSAI has told people not to purchase or consume and Falcon Labs products as they are unfit for human consumption.

It has also told all retailers, distributors and online sellers to remove these products from sale immediately.

Environmental health officers from the HSE will be inspecting businesses to make sure that all Falcon Labs products found are seized, removed and detained.

The FSAI carried out tests on Falcon Labs products after seeing them from a number of locations.

The results of tests showed that illegal substances were present in the products.

For example, 3-Dimethylamylamine (1,3-DMAA) (also known as methylhexaneamine MHA), was detected in Falcon Labs OXYBURNPRO and SUPERCLEN products.

As well as this, Methasterone was detected in Falcon Labs SUPERDRIVE.

Neither substance is legally permitted in food.


The FSAI warned that 1,3-DMAA is a stimulant that can cause acute temporary increase in blood pressure, which may lead to shortness of breath, tightening of the chest and the risk of heart attack or cerebral haemorrhage.

Meanwhile, methasterone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid which has been associated with a number of cases of liver injury. It has never been authorised as medicine, but has been found on the black market in the past under the name Superdrol.

Dr Pamela Byrne, chief executive of the FSAI, warned that any consumer who has taken any of these products and is feeling unwell should seek immediate medical advice.

“We are advising all consumers who may have these Falcon Labs products not to consume them,” said Byrne.

These products are likely to contain illegal steroids and stimulants that are not safe for consumption and anyone taking them is taking a serious risk of jeopardising their health.

Byrne said that the business address printed on the product label and on supplier invoices “is not genuine”.

“We are asking consumers who purchased any of these products to tell us where they purchased them, so that we can ensure all stock is removed from sale,” said Byrne.

In addition, anyone who may have information on who the supplier is can let us know confidentially by emailing [email protected].

Byrne said that any businesses that have sold Falcon Labs products to consumers must display a point-of-sale notice in store and on their website to inform consumers that the products are being recalled and the reason why.

There have been two rulings by Sport Ireland against athletes who tested positive for banned substances who said they had consumed Falcon Labs food supplements.


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