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Want smooth, soft skin? Make rose water a part of your beauty regime

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Rose water works great as a toner.

Rose water is a part of several ingredients and do-it-yourself beauty regimes. Besides being used as a toner, it can also be used in sheet masks and for soothing the eyes. Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop India and Sonia Mathur, beauty care expert, Divine Organics, have listed different uses of the magical ingredient:

* Layer as a sheet mask: Just patting a cotton ball dipped in rose water will enhance your skin before applying a sheet mask. The rose water intensifies the hydrating benefits of sheet masks and will give you smooth and soft skin.

* Rose water before make-up: Rose water can be the best when it comes to adding shine to your face. Prepare your skin with spritzing rose water onto your skin and then apply make-up. It will sooth your skin.

* Uplifting moisturiser: Do you suffer from perpetual dry skin? Here is the answer. Before using a face moisturiser or a lotion, regularly pat your skin with a rose water cotton pad. After doing this, seal it with the moisturiser and lotion on the damp skin and say bye to flaky skin.

* Soothe burning eyes: Get super relief from burning, red or inflammatory eyes by placing a mildly soaked cotton swab in pure rosewater to soothe, cool and relax your fatigued eyes. Not only this, it a great solution to shoo away any eye infection.

* Skin hydration: During summer, it is extremely important to keep our skin hydrated. Rose water maintains the PH balance of the skin and thereby keeps it moisturised and nourished. The anti-inflammatory property present in rose helps in reducing the redness and irritation and keeps skin allergies at bay.

* Toning: Rose water acts as a natural toner. The anti-bacterial ingredients present in rose take out all the germs, dirt and dust from the skin that cause acne. It soothes the skin and tightens the pores. Spray rose water on your skin daily in the morning and night for better results.

* Helps relax: Rose water inhibits anti-depressant properties and promotes relaxation. Adding rose water in the bath will protect, moisturise and alleviate a fresh mind and body.




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