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Pretty jewellery In pregnancy

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Jewellery to glam up the glowing bride with a bump

Many people hate the idea of having their wedding during pregnancy at any stage, firstly you have to find a dress that fits and still makes you feel beautiful. Then the worry of the heels! Swollen ankles, the fear of toppling over? Probably the worst part is the thought of not even being able to have a drink at your own wedding! You can also forget any idea of the classic strict diet and exercise routine to fit into that endlessly dream of dress that lurked in the back of your mind since the age of 5!

Now lets look at some more positive angles before you decide to cancel the big day. Some brides will actively choose to get married during the stages of pregnancy. Why not tie the two most significant and beautiful things in life that a couple will experience together?

It has become increasingly common today to marry with a bump. No longer dis the issue exist of finding a perfectly fitting and flattering dress weather you are 3 months or 9 months pregnant. Everybody loves the wonder and romance of a wedding and equally the same goes for any woman who carries a life inside her.

There are many beautiful jewellery designs out there that actually signify your pregnancy and could be a nice touch to add to your special day or even make for a lovely gift for guests to give.

Adorable items such as this custom made photo ultrasound necklace.

Perhaps a stunning pregnancy necklace, a fertility bracelet, or maybe a mummy and me necklace- both elegant and meaningful. Below are some images of items to give you some ideas.

Keep it simple, no need to go overboard with an intricate, over the top gown or tons of statement jewellery. If you are a bride to be with a bump, you need to remember that your bump should be thought of as an oversized accessory, don’t try to compete with it.

People often assume a woman who chooses to marry with a bump has maybe decided to marry because she is pregnant or has chosen to get pregnant because she is intending to marry. Neither of these are actually relevant or matter in any way, shape, or form-excuse the pun! Both pregnancy and marriage go hand in hand with each other. What matters is that a wedding and pregnancy are two of the most momentous events in a couples life.

“Be proud and a hundred percent positive that there is no bride more beautiful than a bride with a bump”.

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Custom Photo Jewelry – Ultra Sound Picture Necklace.

Bola, pregnancy necklace, harmony ball necklace, pregnancy gift, shower party.

Mommy and Me necklace, Mom to Be, Pregnancy Necklace.

Damara Fertility & Pregnancy Bracelet.

Unique Design Harmony Ball with a 925 Sterling Silver ‘Mother and Baby’ Design on a Highly Polished Brass Harmony Ball | Pregnancy Gift.


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