Winter weddings are often some of the most glamorous and charming events you’ll attend, but they do present a challenge for guests, which is to try to look good while avoiding catching a chill.

When celebrating a wedding in winter, style and comfort should be married along with the bride and groom. Ensure you check the weather forecast before finalising your outfit, and remember that in the UK the weather is always changeable, so expect the unexpected.

Even if the skies look as though they’ll be clear and the temperature reasonable throughout the day, don’t forget you may be standing outside for long periods, either waiting for the bride and groom to emerge from the church, posing for photos, or walking from church to the reception. Also, many churches can be draughty old places. Follow this guide to avoid a winter wedding frock-up…



Look for heavier fabrics such as tweed, flannel or wool in your suit, for warmth. Tweed is very popular right now, especially for country weddings with a rustic flavour, and you can find many excellent options around from Dobell formalwear.

If wearing a suit, in winter you should go for darker colours. You can get away with a pastel shade of shirt, but the best look is probably going to be a white or striped shirt with a contrasting dark tie. You don’t want to wear an undershirt, so consider a waistcoat instead.

For a more informal look then a pair of smart trousers with either a sports jacket or a v-neck sweater can work, both in dark or tan shades. Bring a light, rainproof coat unless you’re expecting very cold weather, in which case a long, thick overcoat is obviously appropriate.

Accessorise with a stylish umbrella, maybe a hat, warm scarf and gloves, always making sure of course that they match well with your suit. And don’t forget a hip flask for a stiffener that you can pass around at points – guaranteed to make you popular.


Dresses with heavier fabrics such as tweed and velvet, and longer sleeves, are the order of the day for ladies. Anything that will keep you protected from the wintery weather. Luckily there is no end of fashionable options around to choose from that will look great whether you’re in the church or on the dancefloor at the evening do. Dresses in shades of green, navy or dark orange give a lovely autumnal look.

There’s nothing to say you can’t wear a shorter dress to a winter wedding, but good sense requires that you should wear tights or stockings with it. Dark tights can give a more formal sheen to even the most casual of dresses.

Skip open-toed shoes, obviously, and consider trying to find some stylish fur-lined boots instead.

Since most body heat escapes through the head, a winter wedding gives you another reason, if required, to track down an attention-grabbing hat. A fascinator is not going to do the job.

Mix textures, and layer clothing. Cardigans are a good move, as they are easy to put on and take off as you prefer. Just ensure that all layers complement your dress.

If you anticipate being outside and exposed to the elements for any length of time, a wool overcoat or a faux-fur stole are good options and give a hint of luxury too. Alternatively, just grab hold of the nearest man and insist he give you his coat!

Last but not least, if you’re driving to the wedding, put a flask of something warm in the car such as coffee, hot chocolate or soup that you can dip into if you really feel you need it.