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How to get fit quick while lying down

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A pilates class

I do so empathise with Lucy Mangan’s keep-fit antipathy (Get off the couch!, G2, 8 March), but pilates might just help. I took this up when I was 48, at a time when I ached on getting out of bed and felt so unfit. An hour a week at a good pilates class, with its gentle yet consistently rigorous regime, was the answer. Apart from the warm-up and warm-down, the exercises are done lying on the mat, and it’s brilliant. At nearly 69 I feel fitter than ever and can keep up with the grandchildren. I now do two classes a week.
Catherine Roome
Staplehurst, Kent

So spinning is a sport, is it? Well, as a member of the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, I’m happy to read that our very sedentary activity is so good for increasing our levels of fitness. Or do you really mean indoor cycling? It seems that our productive craft has been in existence for some 10,000 years only to have its name stolen by some fruitless method of exercise.
Tricia Holman
Colchester, Essex

I’m in total agreement with Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett (When I’m 64, I’ll sing along, 9 March) about the uplifting qualities of this Beatles song. On my husband’s recent 64th birthday the first thing he did was dig out the vinyl and play it – turned up to 11.
Caroline Ewans

As a former president himself, Bill Clinton is, out of respectful tradition, still referred to as President (Letters, 9 March). Therefore, should his wife be elected, commentators ought rightly to say: “Here comes President Clinton with… President Clinton.”
Richard Walker
Malvern, Worcestershire

One of photography’s joys is that the images can be infinitely and indistinguishably reproduced at low cost. Why can’t we have the Royal Photographic Society collection in London and in Bradford (Letters, 8 March)?
Donald Simpson
Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Tuesday’s beautiful centre spread was headlined “Northern lights head south for dazzling display”. Is the Science Museums Group in charge of that too?
Bob Nicholson
Frodsham, Cheshire


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