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At-Home Skin Resurfacing with Facial Scrubs

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If you’re not keen on using medication or chemicals to improve your skin texture, simple facial scrubs may be more of your style.


Facial scrubs are the weakest of all at-home skin resurfacing modalities. That’s the disadvantage – they’re weak. What’s the advantage? They’re also generally the least expensive method of skin resurfacing. It’s even possible to make a facial scrub with products from around your home!

Facial scrubs are quite easy to use. You moisten your face, apply the scrub to your fingertips, and then rub your face in circular motions.

How Do Facial Scrubs Work?

Facials scrubs are a means of manually removing dead skin cells from your face. Ground up nut shells, seed pieces, or microbeads are commonly used as the scrubbing agents in the cream. You must take care not to scrub too hard or you can abrade or scratch your skin. Using a scrub with microbeads as opposed to seeds or shells will reduce the occurrence of this happening. Microbeads are small balls of plastic. Some facial scrubs have glycolic acid added to them.

How Often Should I Use Facial Scrubs?

Facial scrubs are gentle enough to be used daily. However, for those with oily skin, overuse can actually cause your skin to produce even more oil.

What Are The Aesthetic Effects of Facial Scrubs?

If you’re expecting an improvement in the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, you need something stronger than a facial scrub.

At most, you can expect some smoothening of your skin texture and a brightened complexion.

What Are The Side Effects of Facial Scrubs?

As with home microdermabrasion kits, skin irritation, breakouts, and redness may occur, especially if the product is overused. You may also experience scratching of the skin or abrasions if too much force is used.

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