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NEW KID ON THE BLOG! Well, who’d have thought it – Denise blogging?Me – a 48 year old wife, mum and part-time admin assistant? Sure what would I know about all this new fangled technology? Do you know what, I have been just bursting to voice my opinion on something which I am truly passionate about and I thought, ’hell, why not give blogging a go – maybe someone will listen’. And, thank you Claire (my beautiful daughter) for encouraging me to do so. It’s OK To Be Grey!Live and Let Dye Die— I always say ‘each to his/her own’ Deciding to go grey is a very personal decision and it’s not for everyone. I decided to ditch the dye at the age of 45 for a number of reasons. My decision was based on the fact that as I was getting older I felt I did not look natural with brown hair. And, this might sound funny but my eyebrows didn’t match my dyed hair colour! As we age, our complexions get lighter and I found that continuing to dye my hair brown actually made me look older – it emphasised the aging lines in my skin. I noticed too that, as is normal for women of the peri-/menopausal phase of life, my hair was getting a little thinner, especially at the front – so my scalp was more visible through the dyed hair. I was frustrated by the fact that I was having to colour it every two weeks to get rid of the new grey regrowth coming through and I resented putting chemicals onto my scalp which might not be a healthy thing to do. I thought to myself, ’stop fighting it, let the colour grow out and see what I really look like’. So I gave it a go. The Journey:


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