NEW DELHI: A Moroccan state TV programme which aired a tutorial on how women could use makeup to cover up evidence of domestic violencehas sparked a furore online.

The segment on the daily programme ‘Sabahiyat’ instructed viewers on using beauty products to “camouflage the traces of violence against women.”
“Makeup,” said the host, “allows women to continue to live normally while waiting for justice.”

She demonstrated useful tricks with foundation and concealer on a model whose face was made to appear swollen and covered with fake black and blue bruises.

“We hope that these beauty tips help you carry on with your normal life,” said the host, smiling, at the end of the segment.

Ironically, it was aired two days before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The video spurred widespread outrage on social media, with thousands from across the world taking expressing their shock and horror.

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