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8 Reasons Your Pillow Sucks (Literally)

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Here’s the deal. Pillows are our soft spot (pun intended). We share tons of QT with them (1/3 of our lives actually) and they exist solely for our comfort and support. But, like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, nothing is as perfect as it may seem and your pillow is no exception.

The vast majority of pillows are comprised of potentially harmful materials, which include cotton, down, feather, polyester and other synthetic fibers. These extra absorbent materials wreak havoc on your beauty and sleep game. Here’s how:

1. It’s ruining your blow outs.

2016-04-29-1461941989-3280378-blowouts.jpgEver wonder why you wake up looking like a hot mess? Your pillow spends long hours in intimate contact with your precious locks, sucking the essential nutrients and oils from your hair causing split ends and breakage. Meaning that bed head should really be called pillow head.






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