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15 Effective Tips to Control Hair Fall

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15 Effective Tips to Control Hair Fall

Is your hair falling in clumps? Are you scared of shampooing and combing your hair because you know there will be so many strands left behind in the comb? Do you get embarrassed with hair on your clothes?

Read on to know why you may be having hair fall and how to arrest it now!

Most people never get to the root cause of hair fall and start reacting only when it is too late. Hair fall may be due to dandruff, prolonged illness, inadequate diet, stress, hereditary factors, insufficient diet, no hair care program and the type of water and shampoo you are using.

Then, the changing weather also leads to hair loss and especially this time of the year when so many people seem to be going through a similar problem of hair loss it is important to take care of your hair and what better way to do it than naturally.


1. Massage the hair with a combination of pure almond oil and castor oil and steam the hair. You can also apply Mahabhringraj Oil. This should be done twice a week.

2. After massaging the hair make the following hair pack: 2 tsp each of amla, reetha and shikakai, fenugreek, triphala and brahmi powder. Mix with 2 eggs and apply all over the hair. Leave on for 30-40 minutes. This should ideally be done after oiling hair and twice a week, you will see the results within 2 weeks.

3. Diet plays an important role in good skin and hair and although most people know about a well balanced diet, very few balance it just the right way.

4. Take lots of raw foods…carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cauliflower, lots of fruits and plenty of green vegetables and dairy products like milk, paneer, curd, cheese, etc.

5. The use of henna thickens and conditions hair and also acts as a natural dye. Believe me it is safer to use henna than any chemical dye which always has the fear of severe illness like cancer.

6. You may not believe it, but a regular exercise program also helps the hair growth. This is because increase in blood circulation helps to remove the toxins in the body through perspiration. Work out an exercise program for yourself at least 3 times a week and feel the difference in your hair.

7. Taking multi-vitamins is also essential as many times internal weakness or the diet that we take is insufficient and leads to hair fall. I would recommend the intake of chyavanprash, especially in winters as it has a high content of Vitamin C being amla based.

8. Dandruff is also dangerous and leads to hair loss, control it at its early stages and you will not suffer as much. Avoid using someone else’s combs and brushes and disinfect your hair tools with dettol. Shampoo in warm water once a week to avoid fungus and other infections.

9. If you suffer from dandruff, massage your hair with warm coconut oil and apply the juice of 2 lemons, steam your hair and leave the oil on for about 2 hours. Shampoo with a mild shampoo. This should be done 2-3 times a week.

10. Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water daily as this helps flush out accumulated toxins in the body.

11. Avoid sugary foods, fried foods and too much spice in your food.

12. Stress…today’s biggest killer leads to severe hair loss. Worry, depression and tension are all inter related and I very often find that we really have no time at all for ourselves and work like robots. Take out time to relax. Believe me this is very important. Take up a hobby, listen to music, read but for God’s sake don’t become a couch potato in front of the T.V. or computer. Its bad for your eyes and many times I find people who are really stressed out just flicking channels, without really watching any program at all. Get to the root of your problems believe me there is no use of worrying about them as this will only create more depression and in turn more hair fall.

13. Never brush or comb dripping wet hair, this also leads to hair fall, wait until the hair has naturally dried a little and then comb out with a wide toothed comb. Avoid the use of heated rollers and too much of the hair dryer.

14. Chemical colors and dyes are a total disaster for the hair, avoid them at all cost, it is well worth graying gracefully with hair on the head then worrying about balding.

15. If you have recently suffered from an illness or have had a surgery or even a baby, you will experience hair loss and so you could see your doctor who can put you onto the right sort of diet and vitamins that your body requires.

Now that you have some fabulous natural tips and some fantastic natural recipes…start right away and for God’s sake don’t lose any more hair over it!

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