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Unexpected Health Benefits of Being Beautiful

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Beauty is its own reward, but this lifestyle tends also show clinically supported health benefits. Some are controversial, some are so common we may consider so routine we do not even realise their impact. Whether frivolous or fundamental, enough peer-reviewed studies have given merit to these health findings for them to be taken seriously. Perhaps we should not be surprised, after all, beauty has long been synonymous with health.

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Science of Skinny

Want to live longer? Forget horcruxes or cryogenics, fasting has been shown to increase lifespan and has been linked to multigenerational epigenetic changes improving health outcomes. Calorie restriction for longevity is based on mouse and primate studies that suggest a reduction of calories to a maintenance level reduces oxidative stress at a cellular level, increasing the lifespan of the animals 30% compared to the control group. Aging is directly related to telomere shortening, a process whereby the protective end caps of DNA wear down each time DNA is copied to make new cells.  When fasting, it is theorised that production of new components slows, protecting the telomeres. Even intermittent fasting had positive effects.

Eating for Health

Calorie restriction diets should not be followed by anyone with depression, anxiety, or mental health issues. The followers of calorie restriction are careful to disassociate themselves from those with eating disorders. Any restrictive diet should not be followed if there is any risk for anorexia or bulimia.

That being said, with a healthy mindset, calorie restriction gives the right tools for following nutrient density rather than obsessing about BMI or counting calories. By maximizing the intake of vegetables, whole foods, andfibre, we fill up on low-calorie nutrient dense foods. The idea behind this lifestyle is to meet all recommended daily allowances of proteins, vitamins, minerals and key nutrients with as few calories in the process.  Becoming fashionably thin is simply a side effect.

Pursuing Pearly Whites

Clear sparkling eyes and white teeth are strong indicators of health. Having clean white teeth is not only beautiful but healthy too. You may be surprised that the same plaque that causes heart disease lives on and around our teeth! Bacteria that cause heart disease can enter the bloodstream and cause infection of the valves in the heart. Visiting the Perfect Smile Clinic can make a positive impact on your health and confidence. Smiling makes us happier even when we’re just acting; knowing we’re healthy is all the better.

Love at First Touch

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and our first defence against disease as it forms the barrier that protects us from invaders like parasites and germs. Flawless skin is a healthy indicator of our immune system. Cells on our skin’s surface present identifying Major Histamine Complexes (MHC), which marks our immune system’s ability to fight different threats. We are attracted to people with differing MHC immunological markers since they provide defence against different infections. Following our attraction is not shallow it allows us to match with our healthiest partner for reproducing offspring with a stronger immune system.

Instead of dismissing the pursuit of beauty as shallow and frivolous, we should understand that we are appealing to deep-seated human drives that have evolved to help us to stay healthy.

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