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Poor Habits That Suck the Health and Beauty Out of Life

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One thing that most people have in common is wanting to have a happy and healthy life. If that is the goal then, why does it seem so hard to achieve? In the pursuit of that happiness, it would seem that lots of people fall short. Is it the hand they were dealt? Are there some forces stacked against them? Some sort of family curse? Even though there are a lot of things that happen that are beyond your control, much of a person’s ability to be happy and healthy is based on how they live their lives.

Your lifestyle and the choices you make throughout life have a lasting impact on how your life will be from one day to the next. Those who practice good habits in all areas of their life aren’t immune to bad circumstances, but they are more inclined to live a life that’s happy and healthy. It’s poor habits and decisions like these that rob you of the health and beauty life has to offer.

  • Trying to be a perfectionist – Perfection is a myth. No matter how it may appear no one in life is perfect. Trying to present yourself as such is not only a difficult act to keep up but a stressful one. You begin to question everything, never really complete anything, and always look to the opinion of others for approval in your success. It hinders you from living. From the freedom of being human and allowed to make mistakes.

  • Befriending Toxic People – Not everyone who you cross paths with in life is meant to be in your life. Whether you know it or not, people can drain your energy and happiness. If you’re constantly surrounded by people who are negative, needy, unsupportive, greedy, or toxic in any way it can impact your physical and emotional well-being. Whether they’re your family members, childhood friends, or a significant other and they are toxic you need to distance yourself.

  • Abusing Substances – Though not harmful in small doses, whatever you consume has some impact on your body. Drinking and using drugs on a regular basis might feel numbing or euphoric, but the truth is you’re damaging vital organs. Not only does abusing substances hurt you physically, but it can also cause problems financially, professionally, and even with your personal relationships. This bad habit can take your life so if you’re suffering from substance abuse you should find an Ohio drug rehab or facility in a state of your choosing to get clean.

  • Eating Whatever You Want – Indulging in some fast food, sweets, or processed foods on occasion isn’t going to kill you, but eating it all the time will. As tempting as these foods is, the key ingredients like salt, sugar, and fat, are said to be just as addictive as drugs. They deprive your body of key nutrients and vitamins and can lead to an array of health problems from diabetes and heart disease to cancer and death. It also ages you faster, ruins your skin, and causes weight problems.

  • Taking on Too Much – Wanting to have and do it all is a common human desire, but it isn’t a healthy one. Trying to do too much all the time wears you down. Eventually, you become stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and even depressed. Such mental health status can result in depression, anxiety, chronic stress, addiction, and a plethora of other medical problems.

Living a happy and healthy life means finding balance physically and emotionally. It means maintaining good health by eating the right foods, exercising, and treating your body right. It means cultivating positive relationships and never taking on more than you can bear. To be happy and healthy means to love yourself unapologetically and to find the good in life. It may seem that getting to this point is difficult, but by removing the things above that suck the health and happiness out of your life, you’re taking a positive step in the right direction.

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