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What You Should Know When Using Nootropics?

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Many people don’t know much about Nootropics, but when we say Limitless pill, it is more familiar, but it isn’t the same thing. Drug from the Limitless movie is fiction compared to smart drugs. They will enhance some of your brain skills for a small percent which differs from person to person. Like with every drug, there are some side effects, but they aren’t more dangerous than using too much coffee or similar products.

Through the years scientists developed many kinds of smart drugs. All of them have a goal of enhancing cognitive skills and release you from anxiety or problem with sleep. The number of users is growing constantly because we are always looking for a way to do things faster. Technology is improving our capability to make these products, so we can expect that everyone will be using Nootropics at some point.

There are many online guides about how to use them, and many user experiences that tell you about their progress. Because they are supplements, they are legal, and you can get them online. Many workaholics are using smart drugs, and stimulant modafinil is most common among users.

How it works?

The brain is made of lots of neurons which are brain cells that are connected by tendrils called axons and dendrites, and essentially you have a big web of neurons, each of which represents different experience. You also encode your memories in there. Neurotransmitters are chemicals produced in the brain and they modulate in a way that your neurons act.

When you drink caffeine, what is really happening is that you are blocking your adenosine receptors. Caffeine as a molecule is very similar to adenosine and thus it lodges into the receptors in the neurons that are there to receive adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.Click here to read more.

That means that it makes the neurons less likely to fire, and it is a byproduct of the energy process in cells including brain cells. During the day it builds up in your brain, clogs your system, and suppresses activity. So, when you drink caffeine, it blocks those receptors making the adenosine less effective and thereby waking yourself up. Like coffee, smart drugs have the same role.

How to use it properly?

Many users will recommend you Piracetam, but many of them don’t know that you should take a source of choline with it and many other smart drugs. If you don’t take, headaches can occur. Modafinil is widely used among the richest one percent in other to get an edge on their competition. It is a medication for narcolepsy which is a condition where you fall asleep without warning. If it is 200mg, you should take 1 to 2 depending on your weight. It is similar to caffeine but at a higher degree. There is always a price to pay when you skip sleep, but when have to finish the project on time, you can rest later and you won’t have any problems.

Get more information here: https://freedomandfulfilment.com/seven-tips-to-get-the-most-from-modafinil/

In some ways, it is like the Limitless pill because it gives you focus, and you can work longer than usual, but in some ways, it isn’t because it can be negative on your creativity. Creativity occurs when we are relaxed and less focused.Problem with Nootropics is that you can’t pick on which neurotransmitter it will work because they are connected you it will affect others, so when you want focus something else will be included also that maybe won’t benefit you.

Do smart drugs make you smarter?

Smart drugs are more likely to reveal your true potential than making you smarter. You are not going to create something great just by taking it you will just boost your productivity. In some cases, it won’t even benefit you because you are not taking it as you should. The best way is to take it when you are already working for a couple of hours.

It will make you smarter if we look at it as the ability to learn more, but that is also not related to your intelligence, it is more related to how lazy you are. Besides taking it, you have to put time and effort, so it can become a routine and you won’t have side effects like headaches or being sleepy always.

Studying with Nootropics

It is really important to know that every brain is different, so when you plan to use Nootropics for studying it might have different effects on you and your friend. What is also recommended is to prepare your brain for something like that by using some natural ingredients and also clean your body from toxins like alcohol. Using vitamins and omega 3 for a week is a smart move if you want it to have a great effect.

If you want to take smart drugs just because you have a test in two days and you want to learn 10 to 12 hours a day, don’t do it. That’s using it in a bad way which ends up badly sometimes. Putting your brain to that much stress can’t be good in any situation, so using it constantly but in a controlled situation is what you should do.

Natural solutions

If you want to stay natural, Bacopamonnieri is something you should try. It is an Ayurvedic herb that was used for thousands of years, and it is actually one of the most studied herbs that you can find because the Indian government has sponsored numerous tests on whether Bacopa can improve cognition. It can be found in most smart drug products, but when you take the herb directly it has a different effect because it is processed differently.

Most of the studies have shown that it improves memory formation and learning, but over a longer period which means that it can take up to twelve weeks. You won’t feel different by taking it because it is a slow process you will just get used to. If you are planning to get it, always look for branded products because people can take advantage and give you something else.

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