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How the increase in the number of Addict is dangerous?

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The Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction – Alta Mira Recovery

The number of addicts has been on the rise in recent years and this is a dangerous proposition. In the last few years, 21 million Americans have fallen into drug addiction. This number counts the people that are addicted to at least one drug, but the truth is that the majority of the addicts often use more than one drug. Among these addicts, only 10 percent are currently enrolled in rehab programs to relieve themselves of their addiction. This is a very disappointing ratio. Unless we can come together as a society, this problem will only get worse and our society will suffer.

Addiction changes a person’s point of view and how they think. This change is never anything positive. Drugs often change the priorities a person has. They often rank their need for drugs above everything else. They often end up away from family and friends as they do not think that they are of any importance. Many families become estranged due to the addition of one family member. Drug-fueled fights and bouts of domestic violence are common in such households and in the cases where both parents are involved in drug addiction are the worst examples. In such a house if a child grows up then it can have a very negative impact on the psyche of the child. They will often grow up to be addicts themselves as they have never been taught to be on guard against drugs but instead, they saw constant use of the drug. They are also likely to get involved in crime to fuel their addiction. Slowly but surely, they become seasoned criminals until they get arrested at which their life has very little future growth or they can die due to drug violence or overdose. The fact that the number of addicts is rising day by day this story is becoming more common and if it continues as it is the future of our country is one of violence and desperation as it tries to bear the burden of these addicts as they cost the people around them a lot of money due to their thievery and violence.

Another dangerous part of this rise is the fact that a large number of people that are among the addicted population also belong to the student population. This is an alarming statistic as it means that the people who are meant to carry the nation forward in the future are becoming a noose around the neck of the country. Students are often youngsters that are unable to turn away from the temptation of drugs. They are often coerced by their fellows to act in a way that they are acting. In a way, the idiom one bad apple spoils the bunch fits perfectly. Students are often part of sororities and societies and in order to be part of them they often go with everything that the majority are doing and, in this way, they are often introduced to drugs. They try to be a part of the group and they cannot if they are not a participant of some activity that the group is active in.

The only possible solution is to make more people aware of the danger of drug addiction. And the usefulness of rehab. This is the only possible way back to a normal life is through rehab. So if you have a loved one that is struggling with addiction or you are being crushed under the weight of addiction.it is imperative that yourself or your loved one gets enrolled in a rehab program. Search for rehab centers in your city online as they are the most convenient i.e., detox denver. Such quick action will ensure that you can once again live a normal life again.

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