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Hair care tips for summer, don’t fall for any of these popular myths

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To care of your hair, going in for dry shampoo whenever needed would be very helpful.

Summer can bring in several hair woes. But don’t give in to the heat just yet and taking care of your hair need not be a tedious exercise if you do the basics right. Using the right serum and going in for dry shampoo whenever needed will bring you relief. Read on for easy to follow hair care tips, as well as some facts surrounding common hair myths.

Vibhoar, Director of NEU Salonz, busts some myths that can help you to get healthy hair:

Myth: Cutting hair regularly makes it grow faster
Fact: Hair grows from the root, and the body cannot detect when it has been cut (shaving, plucking or tweezing is a different story). Cutting the hair removes split ends which help the hair stay more aligned and look healthier. If you get your hair cut regularly, you will probably be more aware of how quickly it grows.

Myth: You have to be rough to get the lather going
Fact: Remember, your hair is delicate when it is wet, so be gentle. Massaging your shampoo in with soft, circular movements will give you a few minutes of bliss.

Myth: Dying your hair will cause damage
Fact: Bleaching hair can dry it out and damage it. However, there are plenty of nourishing treatments to help replenish hair. Invest in good quality, hydrating shampoos and conditioners and use a mask once a week to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

Myth: Stress is making your hair fall out
Fact: It is definitely true that certain traumatic events have been linked to hair loss. Suffering a major illness, gaining weight, career struggles or a death of loved one can trigger hair loss. However, the types of hair loss associated with high stress are typically telogen effluvium, a “resting phase” in which hair follicles stop growing, and alopecia areata, patchy hair loss. Both of which are temporary, reversible, and easily treated with topical or oral solutions to jumpstart the recovery process.

Arpit Jain, founder and managing director, Auraine Botanicals, suggests tips to keep your hair healthy:

* Always apply hair serum with finger tips -it gives a better look to your hair. Do not apply it too close to the scalp to avoid oily looking hair.

* Wash your hair twice or thrice a week to retain essential oils. Ensure that you wash your hair with warm water (neither too hot and nor too cold) to avoid frizz and damaged hair.

* Avoid brushing your hair too often – it leads to oil getting distributes all over your hair.

* As summers have set in, dry shampoo is going to be your everyday saviour if you don’t have time to wash your hair regularly. Dry shampoo will help your hair to not look greasy and matte.

* To avoid extra stress to your hair, tie your hair when you sleep and when you go out in the sun or dust. This prevents your hair from further damage.




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