Drug addiction is increasing exponentially with the passage of time. Even though youths are the ones who are the victim of terrible drug addictive, the rate is also alarming among adults. Taking a drug test has been made mandatory for candidates appearing for admission or employment. As a matter of fact, working employees also have to take them from time to time. Advanced drug test kits have hit the market and getting the result is a matter of few hours. Two popular methods of drug tests are through a urine test and oral test. But physicians always recommend saliva drug tests for their patients as it is reliable, fast and patient-friendly.

Why Is Oral Drug Testing Better Than Urine Drug Testing?

There are many reasons why doctors always prefer oral drug test over traditional urine drug test. There are also certain conditions for which it scores so good.

First of all, oral drug tests can be performed as recent as minutes after taking the drug and up to 4 days later which is amazing. As a matter of fact, urine drug test would not be able to detect any trace of drug if you perform it a few hours after consumption.

Secondly, urine drug test is a messy process for a person who is taking the test. Saliva drug tests are relatively easy. One can easily take a sample of his saliva and perform the test or hand it over to the medical laboratory for analysis.

The accuracy of saliva drug test is far better than urine drug test. Furthermore, an oral test provides detailed information about a drug that urine test cannot provide. Oral test has a faster turnaround time for producing an accurate result which is handy in emergency situations. Your saliva is free from any adulteration, and hence, 99% accuracy can be attained.

Forensic labs and other investigation medical test solely depend on oral drug tests and analyze the drug to reach the murderer of a person in crime cases.

How To Do A Saliva Drug Test At Home?

You cannot go a proper urine drug test at home because the result can sometimes be misleading due to adulteration in urine or no trace of any drug within a few hours of consumption.  So, oral drug test is the best way to do it yourself at home. Parents can check on their children in case of unforeseen circumstances. Candidates can try it out before the actual screening test of drugs for recruitment. In case you think you are drugged by someone, you can check it instantly and take necessary steps to eradicate it completely from your body.

The first thing you need to do is order it from drugtestsinbulk.com. Small to medium business, laboratories, and medical centers order their kits from them and hence, they are reliable and so are their kits. Once the kit arrives, unpack and follow the instructions and perform accordingly and the sample of your saliva will reveal your secrets and in case of it being negative, there is no need to panic as you have to just take a rehab for a few weeks to months and get back in life in a better shape.