FAQs About Dentures | Pella, IA

For many patients, dentures Happy Valley can help restore a smile that has been lost due to gum disease and tooth decay. Dentures are fabricated so well now that many people may not even notice that a patient is wearing dentures. There are some frequently asked questions surrounding dentures, and for those looking for more information about this restoration, consider these three things.

What Is the Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures?

A full denture is placed when a patient has no teeth left in an arch. With a partial denture, the patient still has some of his or her natural teeth for the denture to anchor to, so only the missing ones are replaced. It is important that the anchor teeth are healthy, though, as they will provide a lot of stability when chewing.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Depending on the level of care the patient gives to a denture, it will typically last between five and ten years. This varies greatly from patient to patient, and it is important that every denture wearer knows how to clean and store a denture when not in use.

How Do You Take Care of Dentures?

Dentures should be removed at night and soaked in water or a mild cleaning solution made for dentures. If the patient notices any cracks in the material, the denture should be repaired immediately. Depending on the patient’s situation, a dentist may recommend a reline every few years in order to keep the denture fitting well. Even though a patient no longer has teeth, it is important that he or she still visit a dentist for routine checkups.

When taken care of well, dentures can health patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile for many years. For more information, a consultation with a dentist is recommended to find out if this restoration is right for you.