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CORSAR Summer Excercise

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The California Oregon Regional Search and Rescue Search and Rescue Organization, also known as CORSAR, is holding its annual summer search and rescue training at Lake Siskiyou.

From helicopter evacuations to dive rescues to wilderness first aid, there’s a lot to prepare for in search and rescue situations. Of the 250 people involved this year, the vast majority are volunteers.

“It makes it really cool to see people come out that want to support their communities and help with safety and help their sheriff offices and volunteer their time.”

Matt Holmes is a radio technician by day. “In search and rescue, we use radio communications quite heavily. And I thought, you know, that’s something in my professional life – I have skills that I can bring to my volunteer life.”

Those skills are important, and the varying nature of search and rescue operations means everyone brings something unique.

But in the end, what matters most is how these individuals come together around their shared mission.

“People from search and rescue teams are from all walks of life – all professions, all backgrounds – you know, We all kind of leave it at the door when we come on to the team because we’re there for one thing and that’s to make sure others live.”

CORSAR represents ten different counties. They will be training through Sunday.


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