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Common Dental Procedures

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There are few people whose teeth are so perfect that they never need to go to the dentist. Unless you are one of them, you have probably experienced some of these common dental procedures.

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The American Dental Association recommends going in for a standard cleaning every six months. The hygienist usually scrapes off plaque and checks the depth of the gums. He or she may coat the teeth with fluoride or polish the teeth, as well. Sometimes, a patient will get an X-ray while at a cleaning appointment, especially if the hygienist sees something that may indicate that there is a cavity.


When a cavity is present, the dentist will likely use a handheld device that uses Myonic dental bearings to drill into the tooth and clean out the cavity. The device makes a loud noise, which can make some patients anxious. The cavity is then filled with an approved substance such as porcelain, silver or dentil resin. Dentists may work on several cavities in a single visit or request that the patient come back for multiple visits depending on the severity of the cavities.


A person may need tooth extraction in the case of impacted wisdom teeth. Many dentists recommend that wisdom teeth be removed so that they won’t crowd the mouth as they come in on their own. Many teenagers and young adults have their wisdom teeth pulled while in high school or college.

Extractions may also be needed if a mouth is too crowded with teeth or to help teeth have enough space to be aligned through orthodontics. If a tooth has decayed past the point of being able to be saved, it may be removed.

Taking good care of your teeth can help you have fewer visits to the dentist. If you brush and floss regularly, you may end up with very few cavities.

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