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When You Should See a Dermatologist

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Ailments affecting the skin, scalp and nails can often go overlooked due to life’s other priorities and responsibilities. However, some conditions can be so severe as to cause interruptions to our professional or personal lives due to agony or shame. For many, skin issues can be such a problem.

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If left without intervention, skin problems can lead to more severe issues or permanent scarring and damage. Don’t let things get out of hand and cause you stress: secure an appointment with a well-trained dermatologist as soon as possible.

Here are a few complications that warrant a visit to a professional dermatologist.

Dry and Flaky Scalp or Spots

Dandruff is a relatively common symptom suffered by many; anti-dandruff shampoo sales contribute to a surprisingly hefty share of the market. A flaky scalp can be humiliating, in addition to being itchy and painful. Flaky and itchy skin can be caused by eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or a number of other concerns such as stress or environmental irritants.

If you’ve tried every shampoo and cream on the market with little luck, it may be time to book an appointment with a local dermatologist to help diagnose your condition and provide a proper treatment and medication plan. Organisations such as the London Dermatology Centre are available for booking consultations online, taking a lot of the stress out of making an appointment.

Painful Rashes that Persist

We’ve all had a strange rash seemingly come out of nowhere without notice. By the time we think to check the affected area again, the rash has vanished as quickly as it came. However, sometimes we aren’t so lucky, and that mysterious rash begins to itch or burn.

The range of vectors that could be causing your rash are vast and can be very difficult to differentiate with an untrained eye. If you’re not the type to get allergy- or contact-related hives, then you may have an issue on your hands that requires the guidance of a professional.

Unusual Hair Loss

Hair loss to those who aren’t expecting it can be alarming but is not always dangerous. Common causes of unusual hair loss stem from the many substances, dyes and tools applied to and used on our hair. Ageing is another everyday source of hair loss for both men and women; millions are spent each year to combat the effects of time.

When you’re sure that your hair loss isn’t just a normal reaction to age or products that have been utilised, a professional consultation is definitely in order. Psoriasis is a common condition leading to unexpected hair loss and can be treated with the help of a dermatologist.

Painful Acne and Bumps

Aggressive acne or painful cystic bumps can be difficult to live with for a number of reasons, mostly due to social pressures and expectations. A good habit of cleanliness paired with a facial cleansing routine can usually eliminate – or at least mitigate – the majority of breakouts for many. Cystic acne can cause painful bumps deeper within the skin that no amount of cleanliness can prevent. When face scrubs and wipes aren’t doing the job, you may need to resort to medical intervention.

Don’t let painful or embarrassing blemishes to your complexion rule your life. If skin conditions are left unchecked, they can lead to irreversible damage. A specialist trained in dermatology has many years of experience to help you resolve your problem and get you back to feeling confident about your skin.

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