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Two major types of drug rehab treatments

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Recovering From Drug Addiction – Five Main Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug addiction is something that can come into a person’s life and it can completely destroy their lives if not treated at the right time. Drug addiction only gets worse with time and it can go to a point where it can take the person’s life. So, therefore, drug addiction should be treated before it is too late. Treating drug addiction is no easy task, one should be able to go past the phase of self-detox to finally understand that they need real professional help. The moment they start to realize that they need help then and only then the treatment for drug addiction can be easy and can be treated with a little bit of ease because this is where the patient’s consent and their will belongs, and this is why it can be easier as this is what the patient wants as well—they want to cure their addiction so they can get the life that they lost due to addiction to these drugs that they want to get rid of.

Therefore, getting treatment through a rehab facility is the way to go. No self-detox is going to help you here, only inpatient treatment program or outpatient treatment program can do you good here. Therefore, Click here to find more information about the whole treatment programs and the extra services that drug rehab centers offer to people.

There are two major types of drug rehab treatment programs. Both of them have various aspects to them but both are there to treat your drug problem once and for all.

Type 1: Inpatient detox program.

Inpatient treatment detox program is for people that are at a point where self-detox didn’t work, any other treatment that is not given by the drug rehab facility—did not work. Therefore, it shows that the patient’s drug addiction levels are very high and that their addiction can now only be controlled and reduced by making them go through inpatient treatment detox program because this program is designed for people with severe drug addiction. The detox program costs a lot, the starting price for the inpatient detox treatment is 10,000 dollars and it can vary from rehab facilities to rehab facilities but the ending and the maximum prices so far is 30,000 dollars per month. The prices can reduce depending upon the drug rehab facility chosen. Experienced ones will give around 30,000 dollars per month of inpatient treatment while new ones can give 10,000 dollars per month of detox treatment.

In this program, the patient is admitted into the facility and is taken care of by nurses and counsellors and doctors. They are given medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms and are only discharged when they are cured.

Type 2: Outpatient detox program.

The opposite is for outpatient detox program. The patient cannot stay at the facility, instead they have to come for an hour or two at the facility and get treated through counselling and therapy. Medication can be administered under special cases. The price for outpatient program can start from 1,000 dollars to, 5,000 dollars, while the ending prices by experienced rehab centers can be 10,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars per month. Different centers have different prices; new rehab centers will have less prices while experienced ones will have more prices.

Therefore, these two treatment programs are administered when the drug addiction is slowly eating you alive, both are different and for different kinds of people, but they both have one thing in common and that is the fact that they both can cure drug addiction in the patient and give them their new life back to enjoy.

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