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These Tools Help Diagnosis Medical Issues

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Tools Used For Diagnosis

In the world of medicine, physicians use a number of pieces of medical equipment to help diagnose any issues that a patient may be having. Some of these pieces of medical equipment are more evasive than others but each offers a unique perspective to patient care. Let’s take a look at some of this equipment to examine what it does and how it is maintained.


The most common medical instrument that doctors and medical caregivers use for diagnostic purposes is the stethoscope. This simple yet very effective medical tool is used to hear sounds from movements inside that body. It is often used to listen to the heart, intestines, and lungs to check for irregularities. Because of its low cost, damaged or worn stethoscopes are typically replaced rather than repaired.


When it comes to ailments of the digestive system, a specialist called a gastroenterologist uses an endoscope to get a better look inside. An endoscope is a length of flexible tubing that has a camera and light attached. It is used in a nonsurgical procedure that entails feeding the tube down a patients throat to get a better look at the esophagus, stomach, and beginning of the small intestines. The images captured by the camera are displayed on a monitor for the doctor to see. In rare cases, the endoscope is actually used to treat certain ailments. Maintenance and repairs to this medical device are outsourced to endoscope repair companies.


Another diagnostic tool that is similar to a stethoscope in that it is not evasive is an otoscope. These tools are used during regular checkups to give doctors a peek inside the ear. The otoscope is typically able to highlight signs of diseases and ailments of the middle ear. Because of its versatility, the otoscope is also commonly used to examine the nose and throat as well. Similar to endoscopes, maintenance and repairs to otoscopes are outsourced to companies that specialize in this work.

These are but a few of the many tools that physicians use to diagnose various ailments of the human body. As technology progresses, new tools and improvements that enhance current tools will be implemented to provide better, more detailed information.

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