Overwatch hero Reinhardt

The 2021 edition of Overwatch Halloween Terror is almost upon us and Blizzard is giving early peeks at some of the new skins. It showed off a creepy Pennywise from It-look for Roadhog in the event announcement. Now, it has emerged that another tank is getting a spooky skin this year.

Reinhardt’s new event skin is called Draugr. As those who have played 2018’s God of War might remember, a draugr is an undead creature in Scandinavian folklore. That means the skin is a little geographically inaccurate given Reinhardt’s German heritage, but that doesn’t really matter. There’s definitely a Viking vibe to this look though, and it fits in neatly with the Overwatch design language.

This year’s edition of Overwatch Halloween Terror starts on October 12. It runs until November 2. More details about the event, including the rest of the new skins, will be revealed over the next couple of days.