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Exploring New Options in Facial Care

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The world of science knows more now about how and why people’s skin changes as they age. As a result, there have been a variety of amazing options to hit the scene in skin care and enhancement. Whether you’re looking for a facial or lip injections Norfolk VA, there are many choices for improving your image.


A simple facial can dramatically improve the look of your skin. If you don’t like needles, this may be the treatment for you, as the process is generally noninvasive. The process can combine exfoliation, peeling, removing debris, super moisturizers, antioxidants and peptides. You can also often add “boosts” for specific problems like wrinkles or sunspots.


The medical world has learned that often the best way to get results is to have the body heal itself. That is the principle behind microneedling. The needles causes “micro-injuries” to your skin, which stimulate your body to create collagen to heal them. Collagen is known to be missing from older, less elastic skin, so it is often injected in other treatments. With regular repetition, you can reset your skin so that it appears younger.


Similar to microneedling, threading creates a minor injuries to your skin. This process is being hailed as a nonsurgical facelift. The threads are often sutures used for surgeries like heart bypasses. They are left in the body to dissolve over time. As they dissolve, the body sends collagen to repair the area where it sees an intruder. A doctor can make a scaffold of threads in the cheeks that create the same effect as a facelift, but gradually and more naturally. The physician can also pinpoint specific areas like under the chin, next to the nose or even on lips.

These are just a few of the many exciting techniques and procedures available at skin-care facilities around the country. There are many more options as well, such as new dermal injections for your lips, the sculpting programs to melt away fat instead of using liposuction, and new laser treatments to reduce visible sun damage. If you’d like to refresh your look, check out a medical spa near you.

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