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There is a wide range of various procedures that can be performed by your dentist to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. These can range from major repairs to subtle, small changes. There are numerous options and techniques available for treating teeth that are misshapen, missing, discolored or chipped. When looking for cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, the following are the most common types of cosmetic procedures that can be performed on your teeth.


This is a popular and common chemical process used for whitening your teeth. You might want to have a whiter shade or you might have stains on your teeth that need to be removed. You can do this at home or have your treatment done by a dentist where a custom mouthpiece is created to ensure that the right amount of whitening solution is applied.


Bonding is a type of tooth-colored material that is used for changing the color your teeth or filling in gaps. Bonding will last for several years and usually only requires one office visit. However, bonding is more susceptible to chipping and staining compared to other types of restoration. Bonded composite resins might be used when teeth or slightly decayed or chipped. Bonding can also be used for small cavities as a tooth-colored filling or used for filling spaces in between teeth or for covering the surface of a tooth in order to alter its shape and color.


Crowns, which are also called caps, are used for covering a tooth in order to restore its regular appearance and shape. They are the most time-consuming cosmetic restoration but also have the longest life expectancy.


These are thin plastic or porcelain pieces that are put over your front teeth in order to change their shape or color. Veneers are placed on teeth that have uneven surfaces or that are crooked, oddly shaped, unevenly spaced, chipped or discolored.

Reshaping and contouring

Tooth contouring and reshaping are procedures for correcting overlapping, irregularly shaped, chipped or crooked teeth. These procedures are commonly used for altering the position, shape or length of your teeth. It is common for tooth reshaping to be combined with bonding.

Which is the right cosmetic procedure for me?

The desired results and condition your teeth are in will usually dictate what the best procedure is for improving the appearance of your teeth and smile. Your dentist can advise you on the best course of action to take after examining your teeth.

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