Weight loss

Weight loss diet foods often included fruits and vegetables, which are among the healthiest things to eat.

However, a breakfast of just fruit is something that your waistline will not thank you for.

A diet expert Martina Della Vedova, Nutritionist at Natures Plus claimed those looking to lose weight should never opt for just fruit at breakfast.

“Fruit is a fantastic food especially when in season, as this makes it more nutritious than ever.

“Fruits are a great source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fibre, but also rich in sugars, so binging on fruit is not a good idea.

“We need a balanced breakfast to avoid insulin swings, so rather than just having fruit for breakfast try a handful of nuts and seeds and a cup of Greek yogurt.

“These are a great addition of good fats and proteins,” Marina said.

One of the food types you can add to your breakfast to help you lose weight is protein.

Eggs for breakfast

Protein foods are much more filling, so adding it your first meal of the day will keep you fuller for longer – helping you to eat less and lost weight.

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns said: “Protein-rich foods are more satiating than carbohydrate-rich foods – in other words, they can fill you up more quickly and for longer.

“They seem to do this by slowing down the emptying of the stomach, and by reducing the release of hormones such as ghrelin that stimulate appetite.

“The result is that you’re likely to eat less over the course of the day, making it easier to control your weight.”

Woman having breakfast

A study in Japan, published in 2009, showed that obese subjects who were given apple cider vinegar lost more weight than others who did not have the drink.

The test subjects were divided into three groups. One group was told to have a drink with one tablespoon of vinegar. Another had a drink with two tablespoons of vinegar, while the third group had a placebo.

Those who drank the vinegar lost more weight than those who drank the placebo, over a period of 12 weeks.